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You know the drill! Anon on, screening on.

IC Contact

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"-hat, now? Well, just give me a-" ahem, "Hello, you've reached the voice mailbox of Elian Price. Please leave your name and number, and I shall get back to you as soon as reread these instructions on how to use this blasted thing. Yes, I want to say it like that, it's about the same as anything el-" BEEP!
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Name: Elian Price [Vector Prime]
Canon: Transformers Cybertron/Galaxy Force
Age: 93
Appearance: Visibly older white male, but could pass for his 60s as opposed to how old he actually is. A fit 60s. There's still a bit of brown-red color in his hair, even though it is finally starting to pale to white. Greying, but still blue eyes. Stands around 5'9". Likes wearing scarves.
Occupation: College professor, currently on sabbatical.

Full Application: TL;DR he's the reincarnation of a multidimensional space robot.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo MENTAL; The memory of Safeguard reporting a dead end in the search for Atlantis.
2nd Echo MENTAL; A few seconds of someone wearing a certain symbol.
3rd Echo POWER; The beginnings of his 'temporal mechanics analyzer'. In effect; his sense of timing is impeccable.
4th Echo MENTAL; A different recollection of his many siblings. And the memory that there was something important they needed to do - something that only he is still doing at all.
5th Echo PHYSICAL; A powerless Cyber Key, scaled to fit in the palm of his hand. It is warm to the touch.
6th Echo POWER; Internal clock solidification; he can now subconsciously tell time nearly as or even more accurate than an atomic clock.
7th Echo MENTAL; Flashes of memory of 'Starscream'(?)'s assault on something he held very important.
8th Echo MENTAL; A memory of fighting Unicron alongside his of current, this memory is partially blocked out by Elian's own abhorrence of violence, and as such he only knows the name 'Unicron' as anathema and instinctively uses the term 'Chaosbringer' to refer to the entity.
9th Echo PHYSICAL; A scarification-tattoo-esque design on his back. Though so light as to barely be seen, it looks like a mixture of scrollwork and gear outlines have been engraved upon his skin. Though no color is there, there's a subtle, physical texture to it.
10th Echo MENTAL; Apparently, one of his brothers works with Energon. To the point of mastery like none other. He still doesn't quite understand what Energon is, though.
11th Echo MENTAL/POWER; The command phrase to activate the Cyber Key, and the forcefield shield/blast that accompanies its energy release. This could stop a knife/few bullets, but not an intense onslaught; in addition, the blast is enough to knock someone off their feet, but not much else.
12th Echo MENTAL; Various split-second memories that surface as dreams.
13th Echo MENTAL; So apparently swords can be used as tools for time travel. Huh?
14th Echo MENTAL; Part of a speech. "...watching, ever vigilant, as the millennium marched past. I have seen oceans rise, continents shift and mountains crumble. I have seen brother rise against brother, and the decimation it leaves behind. And always the great cycle continues, as new life rises from the ashes of destruction."
15th Echo ITEM; An orange metal orb, about the size of a baseball.
16th Echo; PHYSICAL; The spreading of the scarification-tattoo to cover his entire body excepting above the neck, his hands, and his toes. In addition, a subdermal layer of skin is shifting in to metal; a side effect of this grants him strength and endurance comparable to himself in his 20s or 30s.
17th Echo; MENTAL; He's fought (with?) a robot werewolf before. Uh...
18th Echo; ITEM/PHYSICAL; A a great claymore, and the muscle memory to wield it.
19th Echo; MENTAL; The faces of three children, whom he apparently once fought alongside...?
20th Echo; POWER; Creating spacebridges within echo boundaries.
21st Echo; PHYSICAL; Further shift of physiology; there are now physical gears within him, and many of his tissue has a sort of biometal alloy. In addition, he now sets off metal detectors.
22nd Echo; MENTAL; Remembering he once had wings, though not feathered like a bird's.
23rd Echo; MENTAL; The memory of punching and chiding a leader-type for his lack of faith in his friends. And the strong feeling of you're better than this - trust us as we trust you.
24th Echo; PHYSICAL; The conversion of his heart to a full-fledged Spark. He no longer has a heartbeat and/or pulse, his 'blood' being fueled directly by the energy in his chest. Tier 2,, March 2015
25th Echo;

Elian is a respected expert in the field of quantum physics, though he's hardly the next Einstein. He has no wish to be, either, simply curious about the nature of the world around him even at his older age. He holds tenure at the University of Colorado–​Boulder, but has successfully petitioned for a sabbatical and is currently visiting a few other professors in the Locke City area is taking the rest of the semester off. He maintains a strict health regiment, only so modified over forty years, and ascribes part of his long life to the occasional use of cannabis.
Despite his advanced field, he finds certain technologies baffling. While he's somewhat grown used to a computer, it's best not to ask him to do much other than grading papers on it. He refuses to use a smartphone, still owns a working cassette walkman, and carries at least one paper notebook everywhere he goes.


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This is meant to be a timeline for my personal RP reference, of important events in Elian's life. Real events are sourced where possible, but please note that the character is Entirely Fictional, and is in no way meant to trivialize anything or anyone.

Early life )


Post WWII-60s )

60s-present day )


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